Track Host: Hien Luu

He / him / his

Sr. Engineering Manager @DoorDash & Author of Beginning Apache Spark 3, Speaker and Conference Committee Chair

Hien Luu is a Sr. Engineering Manager at DoorDash, leading the Machine Learning Platform team. He is particularly passionate about the intersection between Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. He is the author of the Beginning Apache Spark 3 book. He has given presentations at various conferences such as Data+AI Summit, XAI 21 Summit, MLOps World, YOW Data!, appy(), QCon (SF,NY, London).

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Modern ML: GenAI, Trust, & Path2Prod

Modern machine learning (ML) is a rapidly evolving field. We'll explore the latest trends in ML, focusing on three key areas: generative AI (GenAI), trust, and path to production. You'll learn how these areas are shaping the future of ML, and how they can be used to build more powerful and reliable ML systems


Tuesday Oct 3 / 10:35AM PDT