Track Host: Khawaja Shams

Co-Founder & CEO @Momento, previously @NASA and @Amazon

Khawaja is a big believer in QCon and has been keynote speaker at QCons around the world. He helped build the Mars Rovers at NASA and pioneered production use of cloud computing to drive spacecraft around our universe when S3, SQS, EC2, and SimpleDB were the only services in AWS. Khawaja also spent nearly a decade at Amazon Web Services, where he ran DynamoDB, became VP of Engineering for AWS Elemental, and was the executive sponsor for some of the most critical AWS customers. Today, Khawaja is the CEO/Co-founder at Momento, where his team is building serverless platforms to help developers with caching, pub-sub, and vector indexing.


Architecting for the Cloud

Cloud is a mindset - not a destination. The elasticity and plethora of services available are double-edged swords: used well, you can really accelerate the pace of innovation for your company - but left unchecked, you can explode the cost and complexity in your ecosystem.


Wednesday Oct 4 / 10:35AM PDT