Organizing for Fast Flow: A Practitioner's View on Implementing Team Topologies

Leaning heavily on Team Topologies (a book by Mathew Skelton and Manual Pais), this workshop explores team structures to reduce friction and improve flow.

Team Topologies discussed four fundamental team types for building software teams (stream aligned, complicated subprocess, enabling, and platform) and the interactions models between them. In this workshop, we present the core concepts from Team Topologies, discuss ways of thinking about team organization to improve flow and agility in your engineering org, and create a space for an open discussion on implementation practices. Core to this workshop on Organizing for Fast Flow are concepts on team happiness, structure and architecture borrowed from Daniel Pink, Team Topologies, and Melvin Conway.

Workshop Outline:

  1. Team Topologies - A Distilled Introduction 
  2. Case Study - look into how one company organized their teams
  3. Kata: Working in groups, create and discuss team structures to solve several organizational and architectural challenges 
  4. Introducing these approaches in your org (and some common gotchas)

Key Takeaways

1 The first pass at your architecture is your team structure. Consider first your architectural goals before organizing your teams.

2 By reducing cognitive load on development teams, platform engineering serves as an important enabler for cloud native software delivery.

3 Reducing friction and cognitive load on delivery teams is key to enabling fast flow.


Wes Reisz

Technical Principal @thoughtworks, Creator/Co-host of #TheInfoQPodcast, & QCon SF 2023 PC Chair, Previously Platform Architect @VMware

Wes is a Technical Principal with Thoughtworks where his focus is on working with customers on app modernization, with a particular focus on the cloud native ecosystem. Prior to Thoughtworks, he was one of the Platform Architects at VMware focused on Tanzu. Wes also chairs the San Francisco edition of QCon and is one of the co-hosts of The InfoQ Podcast. His interests focus around architecture, cloud compute, app modernization, and, of course,  the cloud-native ecosystem.

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