Conference: Nov 11-13, 2019

Workshops: Nov 14-15, 2019

Bleeding-edge for the Enterprise

International Software Development Conference

QCon San Francisco is a conference for senior software engineers and architects on the patterns, practices, and use cases leveraged by the world’s most innovative software shops.

Nov 11 - 15, 2019 | Hyatt Regency San Francisco

Live the QCon Experience Live the QCon Experience
Mike McGarr
Engineering Leader
Frontend Infrastructure @Slack
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Benefits of attending QCon SF:

  • Learn from practitioners driving innovation and change in software.
  • Identify best practices from those working on in-production projects.
  • Uncover emerging trends and tools.
  • Focus on patterns & practices, not products or pitches.
  • Acquire implementable ideas for your projects.
  • Meet software leaders from innovator and early adopter companies.
  • Validate your software development roadmap.

Conference for Professional Software Developers



Monday, 11 November

Tuesday, 12 November

Wednesday, 13 November

Bleeding-edge for the Enterprise

Bring trends from innovator and early adopter companies home to your team


Java 11

Deep Learning


Mixed Reality



Algorithmic Transparency

Graph Algorithms

Developer Experience

Data Engineering


Machine Learning/AI




Chaos Engineering

.NET Core

Service Mesh

Voice Assistant/Interaction


Operationalizing Microservices




Engineers over Evangelists,
Practitioners over Trainers/Coaches,
Team Leads over Consultants

Attendees talk about the Speakers



Engineering Leader, Frontend Infrastructure @Slack
Senior Scientist @planetarysci (Planetary Science Institute)
AI, Ethics & Design: Author, Designer, Professor, Research Leader
Software Architect @Salesforce

Learning Paths: Hands-on AI & ML software development skills

AI and Machine Learning are transforming the fundamentals of software development. For software engineers, software architects and software leaders, embracing these technologies and learning the core skills are critical components for capitalising on this new movement.

Our 2-day practical Learning Paths will teach you the essential tools, practices, and techniques that will equip you with practical skills you can use immediately. Get hands-on experience and engage in practical assessments to apply your learning.

All our Learning Paths are developed and delivered by software engineers driving innovation and change in AI and ML so you’ll learn from those actively working in this field.


Schedule Subject to Change

QCon SF Venue & Hotel

Hyatt Regency - San Francisco

Hyatt Regency San Francisco

The hotel is located right on the Embarcadero waterfront with stunning views all around and close to popular attractions, events, and shopping. The conference venue is at the same location as the hotel.



Hyatt Regency San Francisco
5 Embarcadero Center
San Francisco, California
USA 94111
Tel: +1 415 788 1234


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(Possibility of early sell-out) 

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The Experience We Bring


QCon Attendees Testimonials

Is QCon Right for You?

Our attendees roles are:

Attendees Graph

Software Developer / Programmer/ Engineer

Senior Developer / Engineer

Technical Team Lead and Higher (including):

  • Technical Team Lead

  • Senior Management (VP, CTO, CIO, Director)

  • Architect: Technical / Application (platform specific)

  • Enterprise Architect / Chief Architect

  • Architect: Solution / Systems

  • Technical Project Manager

Meet and Learn from Your Peers

25 Minute Breaks “The Hallway Track”

Mingle and network with other attendees, speakers & sponsors.

Open Space is a kind of unconference, a simple way to run productive meetings for 5 to 2000 or more people, and a powerful way to lead any kind of organization in everyday practice and extraordinary change.

Conference Social & Dinner, Exhibitor & Hospitality Receptions. Opportunities to mingle, eat, drink and network with speakers, editors, attendees, sponsors. Complementary and free for all conference attendees.

QCon Healthy

Different menu items:

Vegan or Vegetarian 


QCon by InfoQ

InfoQ has been organizing QCons across the globe for over 10 years now. For the same period of time we have been publishing news, articles, videos and in-depth/deep dive reports on hot topics in the industry. Our content is written only by real life practitioners and offers best practices from companies such as Uber, Netflix and more.

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  • Over 50% of our readers are software architects
  • The majority of our audience is comprised of senior-level developers and architects
  • All our content is written by practitioners

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Power Up Zone


Women in Tech & Allies Breakfast

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