Optimizing Search at Uber Eats

Uber has an in-house search engine called Search In Action (SIA). As the backbone behind the feed and search capabilities of Uber's Delivery business, SIA plays a crucial role in expanding selection seamlessly for customers which is a strategic advantage to the business.

SIA has continually evolved to enable customers to find their favorite stores, even if they're not conveniently located for pickup. Join us as we delve into the real-world challenges faced in handling millions of merchants with dynamic traffic patterns, all while striking a balance between backend architecture performance and incremental order volume.

In this session, we'll dive into the heart of the matter- the optimization problem of the query layer with a dive deep into how internals of SIA works, challenges faced and how we built a solution which is scalable for multiple similar use cases.

Learn firsthand how we tackled this challenge by devising a novel index layout specifically tailored for range queries. The result is an impressive 40% reduction in latency without impacting the business's bottom line.

Gain invaluable insights into building cost-effective in-house solutions in today's cloud-dominated landscape as we share essential tips on avoiding pitfalls while working on large scale systems and achieving incremental optimization wins.

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