Architectures You've Always Wondered About

Trillions of requests.
Petabyte scale.
Unprecedented functionality.

Yesterday's hyperbole is today's reality.

Some companies have created systems so large they are difficult to comprehend. Despite fears of AI coming for everyone's jobs, mere mortals are responsible for designing, building, and operating these software behemoths.

For everyone who has sat in awe and thought "how did they do that?" QCon presents Architectures You've Always Wondered About. Continuing a tradition since the first QCon 18 years ago, this flagship track brings together a collection of stories from innovative companies who are pushing the limits with modern software systems.

Be inspired by speakers sharing real-world examples of how they've scaled systems to handle massive amounts of traffic, data, and complexity. Learn from their challenges so you're prepared for your own journey to hyperbolic scale.

From this track


Supporting Diverse ML Systems at Netflix

Netflix uses data science and machine learning across all facets of the company, powering a wide range of business applications.

Speaker image - David Berg

David Berg

Senior Software Engineer @Netflix

Speaker image - Romain  Cledat

Romain Cledat

Senior Software Engineer @Netflix


Slack's AI-Powered, Hybrid Approach for Large-Scale Migration from Enzyme to React Testing Library

With the Enzyme test framework no longer supporting React 18, migrating to React Testing Library (RTL) became imperative.

Speaker image - Sergii Gorbachov

Sergii Gorbachov

Senior Software Engineer @Slack


Optimizing Search at Uber Eats

Uber has an in-house search engine called Search In Action (SIA). As the backbone behind the feed and search capabilities of Uber's Delivery business, SIA plays a crucial role in expanding selection seamlessly for customers which is a strategic advantage to the business.

Speaker image - Janani Narayanan

Janani Narayanan

Senior Staff Engineer @Uber

Speaker image - Karthik Ramasamy

Karthik Ramasamy

Senior Staff Software Engineer@Uber

Track Host

Thomas Betts

Laureate Application Architect @Blackbaud, Lead Editor for Architecture & Design @InfoQ

Thomas Betts is the Lead Editor for Architecture and Design at InfoQ, a co-host of the InfoQ Podcast, and a Laureate Software Architect at Blackbaud. For over two decades, his focus has always been on providing software solutions that delight his customers. He has worked in a variety of industries, including social good, retail, finance, health care, defense and travel. Thomas lives in Denver with his wife and son, and they love hiking and otherwise exploring beautiful Colorado.

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