Rust Patterns I Have Known and Loved

When adopting Rust, there are many unfamiliar patterns and often what feels like a steep learning curve for those who aren't familiar with the language. For lower-level code, there are some times where trying to do something simple feels outright impossible. On the other hand, those guardrails are incredibly valuable and we can use them to write better code. For higher-level code there are times where fearless concurrency and async can feel almost magical. Based on some practical examples from open-source projects and a few distilled examples, in this talk we'll explore some design patterns in Rust and some cool tricks that can be used to overcome some of the challenges and potential performance pitfalls. 


Monday Nov 18


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Speaker image - Benjamen Pyle

Benjamen Pyle

Co-Founder & CEO @Pyle Cloud Technologies, LLC, Uniquely Genuine and Resourceful Technology Creator


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