Optimizing JVM for the Cloud: Strategies for Success

Embracing cloud-native is more than just a trend; it's a strategic move for modern businesses. As organizations pivot from monolithic structures to agile micro-services, the role of the JVM becomes increasingly significant. This session will explore the nuances of JVM within the cloud-native landscape. We'll discuss the challenges and innovations in JVM performance for cloud deployments. Attendees will learn about advanced JVM tools, such as checkpoint/restore and remote JIT compilation, which are tailored to improve startup times and optimize memory usage. The session will also highlight the seamless integration of these JVM features with prominent container technologies, ensuring resilient, secure, and predictable cloud deployments. Whether you're starting your cloud-native journey or enhancing your existing setup, this talk offers valuable insights to maximize the benefits of JVM in the cloud.


Tobi Ajila

Eclipse OpenJ9 JVM Engineer @IBM, Optimizing JVMs for Cloud Environments

Tobi is a JVM engineer for the Eclipse OpenJ9 team based in Ottawa, Canada. In the past, he has worked on Interpreter optimizations, JVMTI enhancements, and more. He also collaborates with the broader Java community on various OpenJDK projects. Currently, his focus is investigating checkpoint/restore technology at the JVM level.


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Tuesday Oct 3 / 03:55PM PDT ( 50 minutes )


Pacific DEKJ


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