Speaker: Bhavani Sudha Saktheeswaran

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Distributed Systems Engineer @Onehouse, Apache Hudi PMC, Ex-Moveworks, Ex-Uber, Ex-Linkedin

Bhavani Sudha Saktheeswaran is a distributed systems engineer at Onehouse and a PMC member of the Apache Hudi project. She is passionate about engaging with and driving the Hudi community. Previously she worked as a software engineer at Moveworks, where she led the data lake efforts using Hudi to power data analytics and other data platform services. At Uber, she was part of the Presto team and has been a key contributor to the early Presto integrations of Hudi. She has rich experience with real-time data systems and distributed data systems through her work at Uber’s marketplace team, Data teams, and Linkedin’s Voldemort team

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Incremental Data Processing with Apache Hudi

Incremental Data Processing is an emerging style of data processing gathering attention recently that has the potential to deliver orders of magnitude speed and efficiency over traditional batch processing on data lakes and data warehouses.

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Monday Oct 2 / 03:55PM PDT ( 50 minutes )


Ballroom A


Data Lakes Platform Engineering Big Data Incremental Processing Apache Hudi Data Engineering Data Architectures Batch Processing Stream Processing