Speaker: David Stenglein

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Solo Consultant @Missing Mass, LLC with Over 28 Years in Systems, Software, and Consulting

David Stenglein is the owner of Missing Mass and a consultant with a focus on internal platforms. He has worked in engineering, consulting and product management roles at large and small companies. He has architected and built large customer-facing sites from top to bottom using cloud-native principles. During the open-source release of Spinnaker, he partnered the small consulting company Kenzan with Netflix and Google to make the release as accessible as possible to new users. In his spare time he enjoys camping with the family, kayaking and photography. 

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Building Better Platforms with Empathy: Case Studies and Counter-Examples

Break out of traditional IT roles with your internal platform. Build a product based on customer empathy and real needs to achieve broad adoption.

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Tuesday Oct 3 / 02:45PM PDT ( 50 minutes )


Ballroom A


Platform Engineering Product DevEx