Speaker: Dylan Etkin

He / him / his

CEO & Co-Founder @Sleuth

Dylan Etkin is CEO & Co-Founder of Sleuth, the leading DORA metrics tracker. As one of the first 20 employees at Atlassian, Dylan was a founding engineer and the first Architect of Jira. He has led engineering for products at scale in Bitbucket and Statuspage. He has a masters in computer science from ASU. He’s a bit of a space nut and has been seen climbing around inside of a life-size replica of the Mir space station in Star City Russia.


Four Steps to Unlocking Your Ability to Deploy Multiple Times a Day

Are you a team looking to deploy more frequently or implement Continuous Delivery? In this talk, we’ll walk you through four pragmatic and actionable steps to transform how your team delivers software so you can deploy to production many times a day.

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Monday Oct 24 / 11:50AM PDT ( 50 minutes )


Pacific LM


DevOps Continuous Delivery Development