Speaker: Jonathan Strommen

Product and organizational consultant

Jonathan Strommen is a product and organizational consultant specialized in highly-regulated industries across both US and international markets. With extensive experience in leadership roles spanning product management, development, and post-production customer support, Jonathan adopts a holistic approach to aligning value streams and optimizing focus for strategic outcomes. Drawing on his customer-centric perspective and consulting expertise, he guides organizations in challenging conventional assumptions to unlock innovative solutions that responsibly accelerate feedback loops and time to market.

With over 16 years in technology solutions and delivery within financial services, fraud prevention, and pharmacy technology sectors for private and public sector clients, Jonathan brings a wealth of experience to help organizations enhance their operational practices. Notably, he spearheaded large-scale organizational alignment and product rationalization initiatives, supporting technology modernization and platform refactoring efforts for projects exceeding $3 billion in revenue, involving over 200 teams and managing more than 8000 products.

Jonathan is an avid speaker and writer, addressing topics such as challenging the status quo, aligning work with strategy, and responsibly breaking constraints to optimize workflow. His consulting focus centers on guiding leadership teams through organizational alignment to value streams, product and portfolio rationalization, and implementing friction-right processes to ensure responsible and secure delivery within highly-regulated industries.

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