Speaker: Nischal HP

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Vice President of Data Science @Scoutbee, Decade of Experience Building Enterprise AI

Nischal, a data science and engineering leader with over 13 years of experience in Fortune 500 companies and startups, is renowned for his visionary approach in leveraging machine learning to drive product advancements. He excels at building and leading teams while fostering a culture of innovation and excellence. Nischal's international exposure and cross-industry expertise further enrich his ability to create impactful solutions in the dynamic field of data science.

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Defensible Moats: Unlocking Enterprise Value with Large Language Models

Building LLM-powered applications using APIs alone poses significant challenges for enterprises. These challenges include data fragmentation, the absence of a shared business vocabulary, privacy concerns regarding data, and diverse objectives among data and ML users.

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Tuesday Oct 3 / 11:45AM PDT ( 50 minutes )


Seacliff ABC


AI/ML Generative AI Large Language Models Enterprise AI


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