Track Host: Jennifer Bevan

Senior Staff Software Engineer @Google, Previously at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Jennifer Bevan has spent the past 17 years at Google, developing testing infrastructure and tools to improve products and the end-user experience. A graduate of both UC Berkeley (B.S., EE/CS) and UC Santa Cruz (Ph.D, Software Evolution & Maintenance), and 7 years at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Jennifer turned an interest in how software systems can maintain adaptability over time into a career in Engineering Productivity. She has worked within developer tools, product testing, and platform testing, with a more recent focus on privacy and regulatory compliance.


Engineering Productivity

Companies need to balance between rapid feature development and long-term product sustainability, and engineers are taking on more left-shifted, cognitive load as their features intersect with user privacy, security, accessibility, and regulations. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to Engineering Productivity, especially as market, scaling, and economic demands influence prioritization. What approaches, philosophies, and techniques have companies and products at very different points in their overall lifecycle successfully applied to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of development?


Tuesday Nov 19 / 10:35AM PST