Operating Microservices: Patterns for Success

Microservices solve numerous problems around cognitive load, velocity, isolation, and scalability - if you get them right!

In Operating Microservices: Patterns for Sucess, we bring you practical advice around what good really looks like with system observability, patterns of integrating with legacy codebases, and situations when microservices were NOT the right answer, and the most common issues encountered when it comes to day 2 operations with microservices. 

Microservices are an effective way to solve many problems in software, but it’s also a great way to introduce them if not done (and operated) well.

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Choreography vs Orchestration: A Guide to Composing your Monolith with Serverless

Details coming soon.


Overcomplicated Architecture: To Microservices and Back

Details coming soon.

Cassandra Shum

Head of Architecture and Development, EMPC NA | Member of Tech Advisory Boards @ThoughtWorks


Sprinkling eBPF Onto Your Observability

When talking about Observability in 2022 there is no way around eBPF. However, eBPF is often seen as magic dust that can be sprinkled into infrastructure and magically do anything, when the reality is much more complicated.

Frederic Branczyk

CEO & Founder @PolarSignalsIO


Day 2 Microservices

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Tuesday Oct 25 / 09:00AM PDT



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Oct 24th - Oct 28th, 2022


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Track Host

Wes Reisz

Technical Principal @thoughtworks & Creator/Co-host of #TheInfoQPodcast, previously Platform Architect @VMware

Wes is a Technical Principal with Thoughtworks where his focus is on working with customers on app modernization, with a particular focus on the cloud native ecosystem. Prior to Thoughtworks, he was one of the Platform Architects at VMware focused on Tanzu. Wes also chairs the San Francisco edition of QCon and is one of the co-hosts of The InfoQ Podcast. His interests focus around architecture, cloud compute, app modernization, and, of course,  the cloud-native ecosystem.

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