Architecting Scalable APIs with Spring Boot and Open Source Distributed Databases

Dive into this dynamic, hands-on workshop, where participants will learn the art of designing and developing scalable RESTful APIs using Spring Boot integrated with an open-source distributed database.

The workshop will focus on understanding the core principles of RESTful APIs and Spring Boot's efficiency in developing these APIs. Furthermore, we'll delve into how an open-source distributed database's scalability can provide robust data persistence, allowing the API to scale effortlessly with growing demands. The session will conclude with a hands-on activity, during which participants will apply the concepts they've learned. They will design, develop, and scale their own RESTful API using Spring Boot and an open-source distributed database.

Upon completion, participants will have gained a comprehensive understanding of developing scalable, robust APIs with Spring Boot and open-source distributed databases, enabling them to effectively apply these strategies in their projects.


Amit Chauhan

Solutions Architect @Yugabyte

Amit Chauhan is a Solutions Architect at Yugabyte with a deep passion for Distributed Systems and Cloud-Native technologies. In his current role, he collaborates with Fortune 500 enterprises to architect their business applications with scalable microservices and geo-distributed, fault-tolerant data backends using YugabyteDB. Prior to joining forces with Yugabyte, Amit’s journey led him through Verizon, where he honed his craft by orchestrating petabyte-scale, real-time wireless network data applications.

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Thursday Oct 5 / 01:00PM PDT ( 3 hours )


Seacliff C


Level intermediate



1. Laptop for code development exercises (Mac preferred)

2. Following software installed on the laptop:

(a) Python 3.7+ - Link

(b) JDK 17+ - Correto or Azul JDK 17+ or OpenJDK 17+

(c) IDE - Intellij (preferred - link to download community edition) or eclipse or visual studio code.