From Zero to Hero: A Journey Into Prometheus Monitoring

We will introduce Prometheus, its history, and its importance in the monitoring ecosystem, followed by a hands-on setup and installation session. Then, we will then delve into understanding the architecture of Prometheus, including the data model, metric collection process, the lifecycle of a Prometheus metric, and the various components.

After that, we will then focus on PromQL with an understanding of its basics, functions, operators, and practice of real-life queries. Post-PromQL session, then move on to setting up alerts using Alertmanager and integrating these alerts with external services like email and Slack.

Toward the end, we will look at visualizing Prometheus data using Grafana, learning to integrate Prometheus with Grafana, and creating dashboards. The workshop will conclude with a discussion of Prometheus' best practices, advanced concepts, and the next steps for attendees to keep exploring the Prometheus monitoring ecosystem.

Key Takeaways

1 Understand the architecture of Prometheus, learning about how it collects and stores data and the components involved.

2 Gain hands-on experience with PromQL, allowing participants to write and test their own queries and with Alertmanager to set up and manage alerts.

3 Learn how to use Grafana to visualize Prometheus data, create meaningful dashboards, and integrate alerts with external services.


Prathamesh Sonpatki

Developer Evangelist

Prathamesh is a Developer Evangelist at, building time series databases and solving cardinality challenges. In his free time, he runs SRE Stories - - sharing stories from the SRE community and - a glossary of all terms related to observability.

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Friday Oct 6 / 01:00PM PDT ( 3 hours )




Level beginner