One Network: Cloud-Agnostic Service and Policy-Oriented Network Architecture

In this age of an interconnected world, One Network helps customers to simplify deployment of their products and services by providing a unified service and policy oriented network architecture that breaks down the boundaries of public and private clouds, different runtimes and traffic patterns.

Google Cloud networking evolved organically over time, which created friction for feature parity and interoperability between cloud products due to different infrastructure and policy enforcement points for internet traffic, service to service communication, for Kubernetes, serverless or VM-based runtimes and communication with on-prem and other public clouds.

In this presentation we will discuss One Network as a unified service networking architecture with the focus on:

  • Open Source proxies and control APIs as building blocks for cross runtimes, cross path and across public and private clouds

  • Uniform policies and policy enforcement on each path and secure by default application deployments

  • Opening converged network infrastructure to third party security, API management and traffic management SaaS developers


Anna Berenberg

Engineering Fellow, Foundation Services, Service Networking, @Google Cloud, Co-Author of "Deployment Archetypes for Cloud Applications"

Anna Berenberg is an Engineering Fellow and Uber Tech Lead for Foundation Services, One Network and Cloud Load Balancing at Google. She has spent the last 18 years at Google, including 9 years in Google Cloud, leading the development and expansion of global load balancing solutions for all Google and Google Cloud services and now works on cross-cloud service networking and service governance/management initiatives, such as AppHub.  Anna’s passion is design and architecture of highly reliable systems and customer’s cloud deployments. She co-authored “Deployment Archetypes for Cloud Applications” article published in ACM Computing Surveys.

Prior to Google, Anna worked at Extreme Networks, Cosine Communications and HolonTech, focusing on designing and building highly reliable control systems.

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