Architectural Evolution

Technology is evolving faster than ever - and it is time to re-evaluate the trends we may have previously taken for granted. Architects are now assessing whether to go back to monoliths, on-premise, multi-cloud, or go all in on an event driven serverless architecture. This track highlights key trends, including those where the pendulum may be swinging in the other direction. You will hear from practitioners about criteria they used to land where they did, as well as real world lessons from running these novel architectures at scale. You will walk away with some inspiration on what to try and how to assess the trends for your specific scenarios. 

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Thinking Like an Architect

Are architects supposed to be the smartest people on the team, making all the important decisions for developers to fill in the blanks? Certainly not. Rather, architects make everyone else smarter, for example by sharing decision models or revealing blind spots.

Speaker image - Gregor Hohpe

Gregor Hohpe

Director of Enterprise Strategy @Amazon


Renovate to Innovate: Fundamentals of Transforming Legacy Architecture

Renovating old buildings and homes is commonplace, but why is technological renovation often overlooked? Just like a big home renovation adds to the quality of life, a successful architectural renovation has an outsized impact on the pace of innovation.

Speaker image - Rashmi Venugopal

Rashmi Venugopal

Product Engineering @Netflix, Speaker, Previously Product Engineer @Uber & @Microsoft


One Network: Cloud-Agnostic Service and Policy-Oriented Network Architecture

In this age of an interconnected world, One Network helps customers to simplify deployment of their products and services by providing a unified service and policy oriented network architecture that breaks down the boundaries of public and private clouds, different runtimes and tr

Speaker image - Anna Berenberg

Anna Berenberg

Engineering Fellow, Foundation Services, Service Networking, @Google Cloud, Co-Author of "Deployment Archetypes for Cloud Applications"

Track Host

Michelle Brush

Engineering Director, SRE @Google, Previously Director of HealtheIntent Architecture @Cerner Corporation & Lead Engineer @Garmin, Author of "2 out of the 97 Things Every SRE Should Know"

Michelle Brush is a math geek turned computer geek with over 20 years of software development experience. She has developed algorithms and data structures for pathfinding, search, compression, and data mining in embedded as well as distributed systems. In her current role as an Engineering Director, SRE for Google, she leads teams of SREs that ensure GCP's Compute Engine and Persistent Disk products are reliable. Previously, she served as the Director of HealtheIntent Architecture for Cerner Corporation, responsible for the data engineering platform for Cerner’s Population Health solutions. Prior to her time at Cerner, she was the lead engineer for Garmin's automotive routing algorithm. She is the author of 2 out of the 97 Things Every SRE Should Know.

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