Understanding Architectures for Multi-Region Data Residency

Making your app multi-cell/multi-region can have a number of benefits in compliance, scaling and even marketability. There are a number of challenges, from cross-region access and trust to defining sources of truth across the globe.

We’ll focus on:

  • Execution and Technical Direction: The common challenges and solution options including intermediate state architectures.
  • Big Picture Thinking: Understanding why or why not your business needs to do this.
  • Asking Questions: Who are the real stakeholders? Who owns what? 
  • Preventing Problems and Future Proofing: What you can do now when designing solutions to avoid future pain.

What's the focus of your work these days?

Designing and rolling out Rippling's transition to a multi-region company to enable EU, UK and Canadian data residency.

What's the motivation for your talk at QCon San Francisco 2023?

Going multi-region is a huge undertaking but can have a ton of upside in a number of domains; my motivation is to share the steps and concerns that will come up during any such project and to understand what they can be doing beforehand as best practices that will help prepare for such a project.

How would you describe your main persona and target audience for this session?

An engineer or architect working at a global company or one with aspirations of doing so.

Is there anything specific that you'd like people to walk away with after watching your session?

An appreciation of how to approach the problem and maybe an appetite to start shaping their software architecture to align with the principles of design that characterize good multi-region architectures.


Alex Strachan

Staff Software Engineer, Performance & Architecture @Rippling

Alex is a Staff Software Engineer working on Rippling’s regional cell-based architecture and next generation identity framework.

Prior to joining Rippling he’s tackled a number of problems from scaling Lob’s print and mail API to handle the volume from Fortune 100 customers to helping Minted re-model their products to 1000x reduce the client data  requirements.  His expertise lies in building engineering solutions to unlock business scale; both in the human and technical domains.

Outside work, Alex is the Principal Horn of the Oakland Civic Orchestra and is an avid photographer. He lives in San Francisco with his wife, large dog and larger still collection of musical instruments.


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Find Alex Strachan at:


Wednesday Oct 4 / 02:45PM PDT ( 50 minutes )


Ballroom BC


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