What if Infrastructure as Code Never Existed?

We rewind the clock and ask ourselves: what if Infrastructure as Code never existed? What different solutions might we have come up with to the problems we faced? We’ll leave you full of possibilities about the future.

In this talk, we’ll provide an alternate history of what could have been - by peeling back the layers of assumptions and history, and construct an alternate reality for how to solve the problems we faced. We’ll go from the foundational concepts of modern Configuration Management and Infrastructure as Code, all the way to a vision for how an alternative approach would work, and how it would be dramatically different from today.


Adam Jacob

CEO @System Initiative, CTO @Chef; Systems Administrator who loves building products

Adam is an engineering and product innovator, with decades of experience designing, building, and managing large production systems. Adam is the CEO and a co-founder of System Initiative, previously co-founded Chef Software, was the original author of Chef, and served as CTO. He's really still a Systems Administrator on the inside.

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Monday Oct 2 / 01:35PM PDT ( 50 minutes )


Pacific DEKJ


Infrastructure as Code Platform Engineering Architecture


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