Languages of Infra: Beyond YAML

Provisioning infrastructure through machine readable configuration has been a key enabler of the cloud and the growth of automation. But to move away from manual and non repeatable work we have instead ended up with megabytes, sometimes gigabytes of YAML and similar languages, with a variety of templating and generation tools. A new generation of tools is moving away from this YAML sprawl towards code and other approaches. This track explores a variety of these approaches, with talks both from practitioners and from those who have brought new tools and processes into creation because they have a strong vision beyond the status quo.

From this track

Session Cloud Engineering

Pulumi Adventures: How Python Empowered My Infrastructure Beyond YAML

Monday Oct 2 / 10:35AM PDT

In recent times and as technology keeps evolving, the boundary between software engineering and DevOps continues to blur, presenting unique challenges and opportunities for software engineers.

Speaker image - Adora Nwodo
Adora Nwodo

Community Engineer

Session Frontend

Framework Defined Infrastructure (FdI) – an Evolution of Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Monday Oct 2 / 11:45AM PDT

Discover the future of infrastructure management with Framework-defined Infrastructure (FdI), an evolution of the industry-standard Infrastructure as Code (IaC).

Speaker image - Malte Ubl
Malte Ubl

CTO @Vercel

Session Infrastructure as Code

What if Infrastructure as Code Never Existed?

Monday Oct 2 / 01:35PM PDT

We rewind the clock and ask ourselves: what if Infrastructure as Code never existed? What different solutions might we have come up with to the problems we faced? We’ll leave you full of possibilities about the future.

Speaker image - Adam Jacob
Adam Jacob

CEO @System Initiative, CTO @Chef; Systems Administrator who loves building products


Unconference: Languages of Infra: Beyond YAML

Monday Oct 2 / 02:45PM PDT

What is an unconference? An unconference is a participant-driven meeting. Attendees come together, bringing their challenges and relying on the experience and know-how of their peers for solutions.

Session CI/CD


Monday Oct 2 / 03:55PM PDT

This session explores the evolution of infrastructure strategy, focusing on the shift from traditional YAML configurations to pipelines-as-code.

Speaker image - Conor Barber
Conor Barber

Senior Software Engineer, Infrastructure @Airbyte, Over a Decade of Experience in Data and Infrastructure Engineering, Previously @Apple

Session Kubernetes

Kubernetes without YAML

Monday Oct 2 / 05:05PM PDT

Kubernetes ONLY understands JSON, yet we all write a ton of YAML. This is because it's meant to be easier for us to write ... but writing our manifests in YAML can be complex, error-prone, and damn right opaque as we adopt more custom resources.

Speaker image - David Flanagan
David Flanagan

Kubernetes Whisperer


Monday Oct 2 / 10:35AM PDT


Track Host

Justin Cormack

CTO @Docker

Justin Cormack is the CTO at Docker.

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