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Location: Marina

Day of week: Monday

Industry practitioners and technical product managers from leading vendors demonstrate solutions to some of today's toughest software development challenges in the areas of performance monitoring, Big Data, software delivery, scalability, and more.

Track Host: Nitin Bharti

Managing Editor and Product Manager C4Media

Nitin has helped build several notable online developer communities including, DZone, and The Code Project. He is known for his extensive editorial work in the Enterprise Java, .NET, SOA, and Agile communities. As Managing Editor and Product Manager at C4Media - the producer of and QCon events - Nitin continues to pursue his primary passion: helping spread knowledge and innovation throughout the enterprise software development community.

10:35am - 11:25am

Building Resilient Mobile Apps With Couchbase Mobile

Murphy’s Laws state "things will go wrong in any given situation, if you give them a chance". Unfortunately, mobile developers know this all too well when it comes to network reliability. In the face of such instability and increasing customer expectations, how can developers deliver immersive, uninterrupted user experiences within their apps?

In this session we'll take a look at how Couchbase Mobile offering allows you to seamlessly store, retrieve, and synchronize your data to create truly resilient mobile apps.

Oleg Kuzmin, Sr. Solutions Engineer @coachbasepro

11:50am - 12:40pm

Unifying Transactions and Analytics for Insightful Applications

In the past, applications had to deliver ultrafast response times and instant gratification in order to meet rising customer expectations. They still need to, but now they have to deliver actionable insight as well – customers, whether individuals or businesses, are becoming data driven. The problem is these applications are built on databases optimized for transactions, and fall short of the analytics capabilities insight applications need.

In this talk, we will discuss the emergence of hybrid transactional/analytical databases and how customer-facing applications, though transactional at their core, can leverage them to improve customer engagement with powerful, real-time analytics (directly and indirectly). Specifically, we will explain how row storage can be combined with distributed, columnar storage and transparent query routing to power insightful applications with a single database – and simplify development.

Shane Johnson, Senior Director of Product Marketing @mariadb

1:40pm - 2:30pm

How In-Memory Computing Enables a New Generation of Microservices

The first generation of microservices was envisioned as stateless request-response endpoints. But it's now clear that microservices must often maintain some state. For example, microservices tasked with running machine learning models or engaged in statistical classification must maintain the state of their models and their parameter weights. This brings us to one of the biggest challenges—where is that state stored? Options like RDBMSs are too slow, do not scale, and have inflexible schema models. Distributed in-memory caching, however, is the only widely adopted enterprise technology that offers high speed, scalability, and dynamic schema evolution.

In this talk, I will discuss:

  • Why today’s business solutions need a next-generation microservices architecture.
  • Why microservices need to leverage in-memory computing technologies.
  • How you can get started with next-generation microservices.

Lucas Beeler, Senior Solutions Architect @hazelcast

2:55pm - 3:45pm

Slow Is the New Down!

Optimise the performance of your websites, servers and applications with Site24x7 monitoring solution. Visualize the experience of users in real time and proactively resolve issues before it affects your end users.

Daniel Caesar Paul, Technical Support Engineer @Site24x7

4:10pm - 5:00pm

How You Build Resilient, High-Performing Enterprise Systems

Companies large and small, across multiple industries are going through significant business process reinvention as part of digital transformation. Even though there appears to be similarities in these processes, there are industry specific and unique challenges that need special attention. Understanding these enterprise system behaviors and unique pain points help software architects and developers prepare their company for a successful digital journey. Since its inception, IBM’s core focus has been to help streamline enterprise business processes through technology.

In this session, you'll get lessons learned from our experiences working with an enterprise banking system outage and how enterprise systems can be hardened through modern architecture practices. I will also go over some innovations in the NextGen hardware and how these innovations can help not only solve these types of issues but also pave the way in building high performing hybrid multi-cloud platform for all enterprises.

Surya Duggirala, Cloud Platform Engineering Guild Leader @IBM

5:25pm - 6:15pm

Be Event-Driven. and Do It Successfully

Developers are used to interacting with RESTful APIs but have struggled to fully embrace Eventing and Streaming. The shift to an Event-Driven Architecture can be a daunting task – how do I move events from my legacy applications to newer applications? How do I transport events to and from the cloud? How do I document and register different events so other developers can discover them? Using the latest technology, we will show how to connect, define and discover event driven microservices, enabling developers and architects to easily adopt an Event Driven Architecture.

Leah Robert, Sales Engineer @Solace_CC

Last Year's Tracks

  • Monday, 16 November

  • Remotely Productive: Remote Teams & Software

    More and more companies are moving to remote work. How do you build, work on, and lead teams remotely?

  • Operating Microservices

    Building and operating distributed systems is hard, and microservices are no different. Learn strategies for not just building a service but operating them at scale.

  • Distributed Systems for Developers

    Computer science in practice. An applied track that fuses together the human side of computer science with the technical choices that are made along the way

  • The Future of APIs

    Web-based API continue to evolve. The track provides the what, how, and why of future APIs, including GraphQL, Backend for Frontend, gRPC, & ReST

  • Resurgence of Functional Programming

    What was once a paradigm shift in how we thought of programming languages is now main stream in nearly all modern languages. Hear how software shops are infusing concepts like pure functions and immutablity into their architectures and design choices.

  • Social Responsibility: Implications of Building Modern Software

    Software has an ever increasing impact on individuals and society. Understanding these implications helps build software that works for all users

  • Tuesday, 17 November

  • Non-Technical Skills for Technical Folks

    To be an effective engineer, requires more than great coding skills. Learn the subtle arts of the tech lead, including empathy, communication, and organization.

  • Clientside: From WASM to Browser Applications

    Dive into some of the technologies that can be leveraged to ultimately deliver a more impactful interaction between the user and client.

  • Languages of Infra

    More than just Infrastructure as a Service, today we have libraries, languages, and platforms that help us define our infra. Languages of Infra explore languages and libraries being used today to build modern cloud native architectures.

  • Mechanical Sympathy: The Software/Hardware Divide

    Understanding the Hardware Makes You a Better Developer

  • Paths to Production: Deployment Pipelines as a Competitive Advantage

    Deployment pipelines allow us to push to production at ever increasing volume. Paths to production looks at how some of software's most well known shops continuous deliver code.

  • Java, The Platform

    Mobile, Micro, Modular: The platform continues to evolve and change. Discover how the platform continues to drive us forward.

  • Wednesday, 18 November

  • Security for Engineers

    How to build secure, yet usable, systems from the engineer's perspective.

  • Modern Data Engineering

    The innovations necessary to build towards a fully automated decentralized data warehouse.

  • Machine Learning for the Software Engineer

    AI and machine learning are more approachable than ever. Discover how ML, deep learning, and other modern approaches are being used in practice by Software Engineers.

  • Inclusion & Diversity in Tech

    The road map to an inclusive and diverse tech organization. *Diversity & Inclusion defined as the inclusion of all individuals in an within tech, regardless of gender, religion, ethnicity, race, age, sexual orientation, and physical or mental fitness.

  • Architectures You've Always Wondered About

    How do they do it? In QCon's marquee Architectures track, we learn what it takes to operate at large scale from well-known names in our industry. You will take away hard-earned architectural lessons on scalability, reliability, throughput, and performance.

  • Architecting for Confidence: Building Resilient Systems

    Your system will fail. Build systems with the confidence to know when they do and you won’t.