Speaker: Zack Butcher

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Founding Engineer @Tetrateio & NIST co-author on security, prev core services @GoogleCloud

Zack is Principal and Founding Engineer at Tetrate, where he helps some of the largest enterprises in the world adopt Istio and Envoy. An early engineer building Istio at Google, he served on its Steering Committee and co-authored “Istio: Up and Running” (O'Reilly). He works with NIST and co-authored a series of Special Publications defining microservice security and zero trust standards. At Google Cloud Platform, Zack worked on its central resource hierarchy, service management, identity & access management systems, and Google’s internal mesh that Istio draws from.

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NIST 800-207A: Implementing Zero Trust Architecture

Zero Trust is all about replacing implicit trust based on perimeter security and network access with explicit trust based on identity and runtime authorization.

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Monday Oct 2 / 01:35PM PDT ( 50 minutes )


Ballroom BC


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