Track Host: Javier Fernandez-Ivern

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Staff Software Engineer @Netflix with over 20 years in Software Engineering

Javier Fernandez-Ivern is a member of the DRM & Manifest team at Netflix, where he is responsible for ensuring that customers always enjoy their favorite shows with the best video, audio, text, and other features available. His services fill a key role in enabling Netflix to stream amazing content to more than 230M members on thousands of devices worldwide. Prior to Netflix, Javier spent a few years working at a competitive programming startup before moving into a consulting role where he built web applications for a variety of clients. After trying out management at Capital One, he returned to his software engineering roots and joined Netflix. Javier enjoys developing and operating highly available services, and the scale at Netflix has been a unique and exciting challenge. Javier received a MS in Computer Science from Eastern Washington University.

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Designing for Resilience

Anything your system depends on can fail, and eventually will. Build systems that continue to perform successfully in the presence of failures.


Tuesday Oct 3 / 10:35AM PDT