Sponsored Solutions Track V

Industry practitioners and technical product managers from leading vendors demonstrate solutions to some of today's toughest software development challenges in the areas of Architecture, DevOps, Big Data, software delivery, scalability, and more.

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Tailor Your Processes to be as Data-Driven as Your Systems

Wednesday Oct 26 / 11:50AM PDT

Engineering leaders recognize the importance of building observability into their software systems. Through testing, monitoring, and detailed reporting, it’s possible to thoroughly understand what’s working and what isn’t. We always know when our code is working – why not our teams?

James McGill

VP of Engineering @Code Climate


Scaling from 2K engineers to 12K engineers and 10K deploys per day

Wednesday Oct 26 / 10:35AM PDT

In times of austerity, efficiency concerns are greater in companies that want to continue growing solidly. Everyone discusses the best approaches for scalability, resiliency, governance, and growth.

Sebastian Barrios

VP of Technology @Mercado Libre

Lucia Brizuela

Sr Tech Director @Mercado Libre


Building Resilient Microservices: The hard parts of a distributed architecture

Wednesday Oct 26 / 02:55PM PDT

Building resilience is a complex theme in any distributed architecture; even for modern cloud-native applications, resources could be temporal, the network is unreliable, and there are always communication challenges between services and broken dependencies.

Wanderlei Souza

Distinguished Engineer @Build by McKinsey


Wednesday Oct 26 / 10:35AM PDT



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