Building Resilient, Scalable Java Applications with Distributed Databases: A Hands-on Workshop

Join us in this dynamic, hands-on workshop where we delve into the development of resilient, scalable Java applications harnessing the power of distributed databases.

Starting with an exploration of distributed databases, participants will learn about their inherent resilience, horizontal scalability, and global distribution capabilities. We'll guide you through the steps to integrate these databases with a Java environment. The key content of the workshop includes understanding distributed databases, their integration with Java, and building and horizontally scaling a resilient Java application. The workshop will conclude with a practical session, where participants will employ the concepts learned to build their own resilient, scalable Java application using a distributed database. Participants will be able to fail the entire zone or region and observe the resiliency on the app. They will also be able to scale out with zero downtime to their application.

Upon completion, participants will have a comprehensive understanding of developing resilient, horizontally scalable applications with Java and distributed databases, empowering them to apply these strategies effectively in their own projects.


Amit Chauhan

Solutions Architect @Yugabyte

Amit Chauhan is a Solutions Architect at Yugabyte with a deep passion for Distributed Systems and Cloud-Native technologies. In his current role, he collaborates with Fortune 500 enterprises to architect their business applications with scalable microservices and geo-distributed, fault-tolerant data backends using YugabyteDB. Prior to joining forces with Yugabyte, Amit’s journey led him through Verizon, where he honed his craft by orchestrating petabyte-scale, real-time wireless network data applications.

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Thursday Oct 5 / 09:00AM PDT ( 3 hours )


Seacliff C


Level intermediate



1. Laptop for code development exercises (Mac preferred)

2. Following software installed on the laptop:

(a) Python 3.7+ - Link

(b) JDK 17+ - Correto or Azul JDK 17+ or OpenJDK 17+

(c) IDE - Intellij (preferred - link to download community edition) or eclipse or visual studio code.