Coding With Cody: How AI Is Revolutionizing Software Development

AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) have sparked major breakthroughs in many industries including software development.

Cody, an AI Assistant created by Sourcegraph, combines the power of these LLMs with the knowledge of your specific codebase to provide you with an unparalleled developer experience. In this talk, we’ll explore how Cody is transforming the software development process.

Cody provides AI-powered autocomplete suggestions, provides conversational code explanations, writes unit tests, performs code smells, and more. It's like having a senior developer advocate pair programming with you. Come learn how you can leverage Cody in your workflow to become a more productive developer.


Ado Kukic

Director of Developer Relations @Sourcegraph

Ado Kukic is a full-stack software engineer and Director of Developer Relations at Sourcegraph. With 15+ years in software development, Ado has worked on both small and large projects, contributed to open source, and spends his days teaching developers to be more productive.

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Understand, fix, and automate across your codebase with Sourcegraph's code intelligence platform


Monday Oct 2 / 10:35AM PDT ( 50 minutes )




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