Keynote: How DevOps and the Cloud Changed Google Engineering


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It's no secret that conventional IT is going by the wayside as companies shed their legacy infrastructure and invest in shared resources. Google is riding the same wave, both inside and out.

Our cloud, our code and our people are how we innovate. We use an internal cloud to move quickly, share code base and identify common tools and libraries. Learn how Google's engineering teams use continuous delivery to build products and scale them, and how our own strain of DevOps speeds launches and helps our engineering culture thrive.

Finally, as engineering-driven companies continue to navigate new frontiers in cloud, mobile, open source and beyond, it's important to keep in mind how these tools and techniques themselves will change in the future. I will conclude my talk with predictions on how things will progress over the next few years, and best practices for investing in tools and techniques today that will scale with your business tomorrow.

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