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CTO and co-founder of Azul Systems
Cross-Team UI Technical Lead at Netflix
Ran Reddit, Netflix Reliability Architect
Responsible for Netflix Cloud Platform
Engineer, Pinterest
Head of Search Quality at LinkedIn
Search and Data Mining Engineer at Pinterest
Key contributor to Apache's Kafka & Samza
Turing Award Winner of Paxos and LaTeX
Senior Field Engineer at Pivotal
Director of Engineering, Netflix
teaches Unix and C++ at New York University SCPS
Consulting CTO (former Google and eBay)
InfoQ Editor Functional Programming, QCon PC, Wolfram
Engineering Director at Etsy
Research Lead, Mobile Security & Systems Software, Galois
CTO , StrongLoop
Creator of Vulcand
Software Engineer at Airbnb
CEO of Knotable and Cofounder of Halo Neuroscience
Director of Mathematics at Quid
Software Engineering Lead at MindTouch, Inc.
Founder and CEO Nod Labs
Creator of Consul and Co-founder of Hashicorp
Data Architect at Emotient, Inc.
Vice President - Solutions Architecture, WSO2
Creator of Domain Driven Design
Software Engineer, Netflix API Platform
Erlang hacker at AdRoll
Security Guru
Java Champion and Author of POJOs in Action
Software Engineer at Riot Games
User Experience Consultant, Thoughtworks
Senior Engineer of Web Services at Riot Games
Web Components Expert
Distributed system engineer in Netflix. Owner of Netflix's data...
Head of Platform Engineering, PayPal
Software engineer at Pinterest
Jawbone Data Science
Software Engineer at Metamarkets
Technical Instructor at Chef
Creator of Deis and CTO at OpDemand
Engineer at Metamarkets
Founder of Gradle and Gradleware
Cloud Software Architect at Quark
Founder and CEO of 4EA, Inc
Principal Platform Evangelist at Salesforce.com
Software Engineer at Shape Security
Staff Software Engineer at WalmartLabs
Drives evolution of dev & test systems at Linkedin
Freelance Hacker, Creator of Dokku, CoArchitect of Flynn, Docker...
Senior Software Engineer, New Relic
Director of Data Platform at Stitch Fix
CEO of Restlet
Hacker at Docker Inc, Runs dotCloud's PAAS
API Lead at Tumblr
Developer Evangelist, Traitify
Technical Marketing Manager, Perforce
Tech Lead at Twitter, Pig Committer, Co-author of Apache Parquet
G33ktalk.com & Hakka Labs Founder
Senior Software Engineer at Netflix
Software Engineer at LinkedIn
‎Realtime Software Engineer at PagerDuty
Director - Cloud Architecture, WSO2
Build & Release Engineering Manager, Perforce Software
Engineering Manager at LinkedIn
Software Engineer at Prismatic
Infrastructure Engineer at Twitter
Researcher and Data Expert
Senior Principal Information Dev, Mobile Lead, Oracle
CTO and founder of Databricks
Filmmaker . Risktaker . Changemaker
Ex-NASA researcher, Chief Architect, Kaazing
Google Engineering Director
Director of Engineering, Tango
Author of Silent Influencing - Employing Powerful Techniques for...
Mobile UX/UI Designer
LMAX Disruptor maintainer, Duke's choice award winner
Quantitative analyst working on AdWords at Google
Engineering Manager at LinkedIn
Director of Research, Pandora
Director of Platform Engineering at 500px
Senior Software Engineer at AutoGrid Systems
Engineer at SoundCloud
Principal Software Engineer at Gradleware & Creator of Spock
Director of Engineering at Netflix
Senior Software Engineer at Firefly Logic
‎Engineering Manager at Pinterest
CTO of Event Processing, TIBCO
Co-Founder of Inkling
Managing Director at Bain Capital
Manager, Edge Infrastructure & Delivery at Netflix
Software Engineer at LinkedIn
Senior VP, Distinguished Engineer at CA Technologies
Data Scientist at Facebook
Director of Product Management, Basho Technologies
Principal Engineer at Shape Security
Vice President of Engineering at Mindflash
Products & Systems Leader - Mobile APIs and Node.js at StrongLoop...
Chief Architect at ClipMine
Tribe Lead for Social at Spotify
SVP, Engineering and Operations, Groupon
Director of Service and Presentation Infrastructure at LinkedIn
Senior Software Engineer at Verizon
Co-founder and CEO at Takipi
Committer of Apache Twill, lead of Continuuity's JetStream
Creator of Antlr and ALL(*)
Principal Engineer at Amazon.com
Sr. Consultant, Industrial Logic, Co-author of AgileInAFlash and...
NodeJS developer and Engineer at Appcelerator
Software Engineer at Google
Principal of CareEvolution, Inc.
Software Engineer at Pinterest
‎Head of Back-end Engineering at Wix
Manager, Enterprise Software Solutions at Alameda County
IBM Distinguished Engineer
Co-founder and Executive VP of Engineering at GridGain
Technology Evangelist
Mobile Engineering Manager at Facebook
Principal at Neo Innovation
Director of Application Engineering, Aerospike Inc.
Director of Client Safety, Industrial Logic
Sr. Director of Marketing Engineering and Trust Science at eBay
Senior Consultant at Cyrus Innovation
Developer Advocate at Google
Founder/CEO of Yodlr, NodeJS & Real time Systems Fanatic
QCon Open Space Facilitator
Developer Evangelist at Twilio
Product Manager, Client Apps
Senior Software Engineer at Wix
iOS Developer
Principal Systems Engineer
Architect at LinkedIn working with Hadoop technologies


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