Speaker: Jason Strimpel

Staff Software Engineer at WalmartLabs
Jason Strimpel is software engineer with over 15 years experience developing web applications. Jason has been taming browsers since Netscape 4 was major player in the market and tables were the preferred method for page layouts. Jason began his career in computing at UC San Diego where he designed and built full stack custom content management systems for publishing and syndicating news, events, and streaming media. Eventually Jason caught start-up fever and moved to the east coast to develop a web interface for an enterprise data backup and recovery product. However, it was not long before California called him back to work in the gaming industry where he began to specialize in JavaScript. Now a days Jason is busy working on the Platform team at WalmartLabs solving complex UI problems. In his free time Jason contributes to and creates open source projects, and co-organizes the San Diego JavaScript meet up group. @StrimpelJason

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Talk: Isomorphic JavaScript, satisfying SEO and UX in one go

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