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A few years ago, “engineering culture” was about the perks: great food and fun in the office. Easy to implement! Generate much love and happiness! But we eventually realized that wasn’t it. We may not be in universal agreement on a definition of engineering culture, but we “know it when we see it”. We’ll hear from a variety of companies known for their engineering culture to discern key elements of what makes culture great.

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Dianne Marsh
Director of Engineering, Netflix
Dianne Marsh is a Director of Engineering for Netflix in Los Gatos, CA, where she leads a team responsible for tools and systems used by nearly all engineers in the company for continuous integration, delivery and deployment to the AWS cloud. Her team builds software to support build tools as well as cloud deployment and management, used both internally and often released as open source tools to the broad community. In 2013, Dianne co-authored Atomic Scala, an introductory book on Scala, with Bruce Eckel. Dianne is also active in conference organization and speaking. Dianne earned a Master of Science degree in computer science from Michigan Technological University. @dmarsh
10:35am - 11:25am

by Simon Marcus
Tribe Lead for Social at Spotify

Every successful startup has to grow up sooner or later. Spotify is trying to grow up… differently.

How do you scale quickly enough to compete against the biggest, most successful companies in tech without losing your founding spirit? How do you maintain a culture where people say what they think and crucial innovations emerge from every corner of the organization?

Simon Marcus is Spotify's Tribe Lead for Social. He’ll share Spotify’s approach to growing up without losing...

11:50am - 12:40pm

by Rob Cromwell
Co-Founder of Inkling

Culture isn't about perks. It's about the set of norms that we expect of one another in the workplace. It's easy to confuse, however. Engineering leaders often talk about things like successful organizational structures, deployment speed, and automation. And while those are important, there's another layer that matters: the human one. And that's where true culture begins.


When do engineers talk about personal humility? How do we think about ethics and integrity in our...

1:40pm - 2:30pm

by Vik Kheterpal
Principal of CareEvolution, Inc.

CareEvolution was founded by a set of corporate dropouts who came together to try to find a better way of working, having faced the frustrations of having our band of innovative small company comrades become ineffective within 2 years of being acquired. CareEvolution is as much about how we work as it was about what we worked on or what we produced.

In this talk, you will learn how we focus on individuals and how teams form to further a common goal. You’ll learn about our emphasis on...

2:55pm - 3:45pm

by Melissa Pierce
Filmmaker . Risktaker . Changemaker

The software industry once had to legitimize itself back in the day when hardware was king. This played out in academia with the advent of CS degrees and again in industry when IBM had to campaign heavily to change mindsets of bosses that keyboard weren't just for secretaries.

By studying the metamorphosis of programming from "a room full of inconsequential women working on math and logic problems" to "a room full of important men doing math and logic problems" we can understand the...

4:10pm - 5:00pm

by Richard Kasperowski
QCon Open Space Facilitator

Open Space

Join Dianne Marsh, our speakers, and other attendees as we explore “engineering culture”. Perks? Great food and fun in the office? Easy to implement? Generate much love and happiness? We may not be in universal agreement on a definition of engineering culture, but we “know it when we see it”. We’ll hear from each other about engineering culture to discern key elements of what makes culture great.

What is Open Space?

Every day at QConSF, we’ll open space five times, once for...

5:25pm - 6:15pm

by Sri Viswanath
SVP, Engineering and Operations, Groupon

“Groupon invests in the growth of its devs” - Built in Chicago

“Technology companies including. . . Groupon have all expanded their regional offices, some employing hundreds of people.” - Bloomberg

Groupon is getting global recognition for being a leading tech company. At Groupon, we are constantly experimenting both on how we design and build from our own A/B testing framework that allows us to iterate on our products and continue to optimize over time to how we cultivate a...


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