Speaker: Vik Kheterpal

Principal of CareEvolution, Inc.
Vik is a nationally recognized expert in the area of healthcare informatics who has been focused on healthcare data exchange and interoperability for the past 11 years. A seasoned growth leader with a balanced set of experiences across the organizational life cycle ranging from start-up to global segment market leader, Vik brings a unique combination of core IT skills and deep healthcare domain expertise. Vik has played critical leadership roles in innovation management, product management, research & development, launch, and market maker experiences across multiple products and organizations. He combines his deep academic heritage with real world experience in healthcare IT change management, product adoption, user compliance, and leadership. His blend of infectious optimism, passion to improve, clear sense of purpose and humor helps to galvanize and motivate teams and clients to excel. His 20+ year career in information technology has included serving as an IT strategy consultant and Chief Technology Officer at a Fortune 500 company. In 1991, while completing his medical education at the University of Michigan Medical School, Vik founded SEC, Inc., an NIH SBIR funded Electronic Medical Records (EMR) company. In 2000, Vik was appointed the founding Vice President and Global General Manager for Clinical Information Systems for GE Healthcare after its acquisition of SEC, Inc. In this role, Dr. Kheterpal was responsible for leading GE’s entry into the healthcare IT marketplace and establishing a new commercial and implementation services organizational for IT products. While at GE, Vik acquired several leading best of breed product companies and oversaw commercial, back-office, and development integration of the multiple global centers of excellence and led GE’s entry into the ambulatory segment. Today, Vik serves as Principal of CareEvolution, Inc., the leading provider of secure interoperability software solutions. CareEvolution markets HIEBus™, a health information exchange technology platform to enable edge applications to “share” clinical information in a secure, reliable, and incremental manner. He remains very active in the interoperability and healthcare IT landscape. In the field of health data exchange and interoperability, Dr. Kheterpal has served as an invited expert to the NHII (national healthcare information infrastructure), FDA's Sentinel Initiative, National Committee of Vital and Health Statistics (NCVHS), eHealth Initiative, OMOP (Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership), Brookings Institution, and the Institute of Medicine. His direct interest in interoperability dates back to 2002 and 2003 when he participated in the NHII discussions as an invited expert and contributed to the publication “A Consensus Action Agenda for Achieving the National Health Information Infrastructure.” Vik’s educational background began at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor where he earned a bachelor's degree in Biomedical Sciences. He then went on to earn his doctorate in medicine, also at the University of Michigan in 1991.

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Talk: CareEvolution: Building a Company through Ambiguity, Judgment, Trust, and WorkLife Fusion

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