Presentation: Groupon Engineering: Building Culture through the Experimentation MindSet

“Groupon invests in the growth of its devs” - Built in Chicago

“Technology companies including. . . Groupon have all expanded their regional offices, some employing hundreds of people.” - Bloomberg

Groupon is getting global recognition for being a leading tech company. At Groupon, we are constantly experimenting both on how we design and build from our own A/B testing framework that allows us to iterate on our products and continue to optimize over time to how we cultivate a powerful engineering culture through feedback mechanisms and collaboration tools that lead to innovations and breakthroughs. In this session we will delve into these experiments, our newly established group ETHOS driving engineering culture at Groupon and the results these experiments have produced.

Key Takeaways:

This topic speaks to the “people” part of People, Process and Technology. The “people” part has been the most notoriously difficult and challenging for companies to assess and build into an overall effective corporate strategy in a way that leads to the most productive, innovative and collaborative engineering organization in particular.

Groupon as the fastest growing company in history has presented particular challenges; attendees of this session will learn about the ideas and program driving Groupon’s engineering culture that have lead to measurable results.


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