Speaker: Sri Viswanath

SVP, Engineering and Operations, Groupon
Sri Viswanath joined Groupon as Senior Vice President of Engineering and Operations in April 2013. Prior to joining Groupon, Sri was VP of research and development for mobile computing at VMWare. Prior to VMWare, he was SVP of Engineering at Glam Media and general manager of its publisher products group. He was also the SVP of Engineering at Ning, Inc., and was instrumental in Ning’s acquisition by Glam. Before that, Sri led the development of a number of very successful open-source and business-to-business products at Sun Microsystems. Sri is passionate about tech leadership, product development, enterprise software and mobile. He received his Bachelors in Electronics and Communications from Bangalore University, India, and his Masters in Computer Science from Clemson, as well as a Masters in Management from Stanford. Sri also has 10 patents approved with others pending.

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