Presentation: Building conscious engineering teams

Culture isn't about perks. It's about the set of norms that we expect of one another in the workplace. It's easy to confuse, however. Engineering leaders often talk about things like successful organizational structures, deployment speed, and automation. And while those are important, there's another layer that matters: the human one. And that's where true culture begins.


When do engineers talk about personal humility? How do we think about ethics and integrity in our work? And how do we ensure that each individual takes unconditional responsibility for his or her actions? Engineers with these foundational character naturally establish a culture of loyalty and commitment. And that leads to happiness. Happiness leads to productivity, and that's how incredible technical teams and companies are built. 

In this session, Rob Cromwell, Inkling's cofounder and VP of Engineering, will talk about the evolution of Inkling's culture, and the many lessons learned in building "conscious" teams that work well together in the pursuit of technical excellence.


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