Presentation: CareEvolution: Building a Company through Ambiguity, Judgment, Trust, and WorkLife Fusion

CareEvolution was founded by a set of corporate dropouts who came together to try to find a better way of working, having faced the frustrations of having our band of innovative small company comrades become ineffective within 2 years of being acquired. CareEvolution is as much about how we work as it was about what we worked on or what we produced.

In this talk, you will learn how we focus on individuals and how teams form to further a common goal. You’ll learn about our emphasis on trust. You may be surprised that management is not a title -- everyone is a manager. I’ll show you how, in our experience, work exists to serve the needs of the individual and their family not the other way around. We’re growing, but we try to say as small as possible for the given circumstance. We’re not in this for the short term. We run the business as if it will be there for a 100+ years - beyond our own lifespan. 

This isn’t academic. 11 years since our company was founded, we are still here, growing faster than ever, having more fun than ever, making an impact to our communities, and being able to provide well for our families and most importantly we actually like to come to work (when we choose to). It enhances our life.


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