Speaker: Michael Garvey

Mobile UX/UI Designer
I'm a born and bred artist who came to design as a profession after studying business communication, entrepreneurship and philosophy; after work in real estate, commercial services, and several web and an app startup. These experiments helped me to realize that I was a designer to the core. The first thing I want to do when I get up in the morning is design something – an idea, an object, a plan, a website, an app. A background in business, communication, and art, gives my work a special effectiveness and usefulness. I’m very lucky to be married to an extraordinary woman, Stephanie, for 10 years. We have two boys, David and Liam, and a Gooldendoodle named Jackie. We live in beautiful Southern California. In my free time, I enjoy adventures with my family, creating art, and cooking. This year my resolutions were to learn to surf, learn to prepare sushi, and cultivate a bonsai. So far the bonsai has died and we’ve eaten a lot of sushi.

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