Speaker: Jason Toy

Drives evolution of dev & test systems at Linkedin
Jason Toy drives the direction for build automation at LinkedIn, focusing on the commit to release pipeline with the ultimate goal of allowing developers to move code from dev to prod in 30 minutes. In addition, he's usually leading successful company-wide efforts to clean up technical debt. His last two such projects reduced service sizes and development times by pruning the dependency graph, and eliminated all unused code from LinkedIn. Before joining LinkedIn he was at Cisco building monitoring tools and test frameworks for their telepresence unit. Jason is particularly obsessive about engineering craftsmanship, fighting suboptimalities, and otherwise doing whatever he can to make the life of developers better (it often keeps him up at night). For more information about Jason you can naturally see it all on his LinkedIn profile: www.linkedin.com/in/jastoy

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Talk: The Evolution of Continuous Delivery at Scale @ Linkedin

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