Presentation: How we learned to stop worrying and start deploying the Netflix API service

A few years ago, the Netflix API evolved into the primary internet facing service that all devices interact with to obtain the metadata needed to render their user experience. The timing of that shift coincided with our move from our private Data Centers to AWS, which also marked a switch to the Operate-What-You-Built’ model of execution for Engineering teams across the company. All these changes created a challenge for us in terms of our ability to deliver software reliably at the pace that the business demanded.

We decided to make a push towards Continuous Delivery in order to address that challenge. Today, we are able to deploy our service to multiple global AWS regions several times a week, in a completely hands-free manner.

This talk will go over how we got to the current state, the lessons we learnt and the successes we enjoyed along the way. It will also include some forward looking ideas for innovation and improvements, because we operate in an environment where our systems are constantly evolving.

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