Presentation: Continuous Delivery Without Breaking Everything

Transitioning your product release cycle from a slow, waterfall model with manual build and deployment steps to lean and automated continuous delivery can completely redefine how your organization builds, supports, and sells your product. What are the recommended tools, processes, and cultural changes required to realize this change, and how long does it take?
This presentation aims to give attendees a case study of how changing the development model and release cycle of a 5 year old software product to continuous delivery greatly improved the quality and reception of the product. We will examine a real software organization's successful transition from a six month release cycle that included weeks to package and ship, to a weekly release cycle that is largely automated and requires mere hours to complete.
Specific emphasis will be placed on the leveraged tools, the engineering process and cultural changes, as well as the effect of the new release cycle on the rest of the organization and it's customers.


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