Speaker: Tim Rath

Principal Engineer at Amazon.com
Tim has been building large scale distributed systems at Amazon for the past eleven years. He started his tenure at Amazon by building an update pipeline to transform the daily website content build to a near-real-time system, and then began working on distributed data storage systems. Since moving to AWS he has been a key contributor on several data replication systems including a multi-mastered partial ordering based replication system, an internal distributed lock manager now used widely throughout Amazon, and the conversion of SimpleDb to support consistent operations. He was also one of the lead designers of DynamoDb, as well as the author of DynamoDb’s replication layer and live repartitioning primitives. Through this work Tim has gained a great appreciation and interest in testing strategies, especially with respect to ensuring correctness of critical algorithms, and protecting against emergent, cascading system behaviors.

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Talk: The Evolution of Testing Methodology at AWS: From Status Quo To Formal Methods With TLA+

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