Presentation: Can you Handle the Big Data Explosion?

The Internet of Things and big data explosion is here and it’s time to choose: modernize or sink? In a global economy companies must adopt strategic technologies to successfully manage data generated by new data sources and consumed by users accessing complex data types from around the world, 24 hours a day.

To stay competitive, businesses must ensure that their users have a seamless experience and are able to access data anytime, anywhere. 

A recent Spiceworks poll of IT professionals reported more than half (59%) of respondents said they’re not taking specific steps to address the expected data deluge from IoT devices. Organizations need to handle data ingestion, data storage, and analytics in order to bring value to the business and are increasingly looking to distributed systems to help manage the influx of traffic, and ease current operational challenges.

Seema Jethani, Director of Product Management at Basho, will discuss some of the use cases and solutions that organizations have used to address the data challenge for IoT.


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