Presentation: Inside Pandora: Ten Years After

Pandora began with The Music Genome Project, the most sophisticated taxonomy of musicological data ever collected and an extremely effective content-based approach to music recommendation. But what happens when you have a decade of additional data points, given off by more than 250 million registered users who have created 6+ billion personalized radio stations and given 45+ billion thumbs? You hire an astrophysicist.


This session will look at how the interdisciplinary team at Pandora goes about making sense of these massive data sets to successfully make large scale music recommendations to the masses. Following this session the audience will have an in-depth understanding of how Pandora uses Big Data science to determine the perfect balance of familiarity, discovery, repetition and relevance for each individual listener, measures and evaluates user satisfaction, and how our online and offline architecture stack plays a critical role in our success.

No Slides or Video from this talk will be available for download, after request of the speaker.


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