Presentation: RESTful Recommendation Engine using Spring, Aerospike and MongoDB

Recommendation engines are used in applications to personalize user experience. For example, e-commerce applications recommend products to a customer that other customers with similar behavior have viewed, enjoyed, or purchased. News applications would use a real-time recommendation engine to provide readers with fresh content, as stories come and go quickly. These application additions improve the user experience, increase sales, and help retain loyal customers. This presentation discusses an example of a real-time non-contextual similarity based engine using Aerospike or MongoDB. Aerospike boasts latencies averaging less than 1 millisecond with more than 100,000 operations per second per server, with high availability and immediate consistency.

This example uses the Spring Boot application environment, a powerful jump-start into the versatile Java-based Spring web application framework. With Spring Boot you can easily build powerful applications with production grade services.


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