9:00am - 12:00pm


Attendees should bring a laptop (Linux, Windows, or Mac) pre-installed with NodeJS and NPM (visit http://nodejs.org/) as well as a text-editor of choice.

Tutorial: Learning NodeJS with NodeSchool.io

In this tutorial, we will provide a brief overview of NodeJS, including its strengths and weaknesses, best practices, and package management. After the introduction, attendees will have the remainder of the tutorial to learn NodeJS through hands-on NodeSchool.io exercises with assistance from a team of mentors.   NodeSchool.io is a series of choose-your-own-adventure style workshops that teach people how to use NodeJS, NPM, and other related tools by writing code to solve realistic problems. NodeSchool is entirely community driven and is 100% open source, which means you can take the exercises home and continue to learn!   We will have mentors available for the 'Learn You Node' workshop. This workshop is great for people who have never used NodeJS before or are just getting started. It begins with a basic "HELLO WORLD" exercise and then moves on to more advanced exercises dealing with synchronous & asynchronous I/O, filesystem operations, TCP and HTTP networking, events and streams.   Tutorial level: Beginner/Intermediate. This tutorial is geared towards people with little to no NodeJS or Javascript experience, but having some programming background will be helpful. Attendees should bring a laptop (Linux, Windows, or Mac) pre-installed with NodeJS and NPM (visit http://nodejs.org/) as well as a text-editor of choice.

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What is Included in the 3-Day QCon Conference Pass?

  • Access to over 90 presentations and over 100 speakers (including the co-located OSGi tracks & tutorials)
  • Next-day access to video of most sessions
  • Conference dinner & networking social
  • Evening networking reception with drinks all 3 nights
  • Open Spaces facilitated peer sharing meetings in each track
  • Buffet lunch all 3 days with vegan/vegetarian/gluten/dairy free options

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  • Choice of 14 to 28 tutorials on Monday & Tuesday (the exact number depends on the mix of half-day and full-day tutorials)
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