Presentation: The Evolution of Continuous Delivery at Scale @ Linkedin

As companies scale, sometimes priorities, strategies, and culture have to adapt as well. LinkedIn is a case study in how an inefficient development and release strategy limited engineers from building new features quickly and with confidence.


We have patched our processes in line with our strategy of releasing over the years, but problems came to a head in 2011. With our rapidly growing membership, engineering team, and codebase, we realized our process needed a complete overhaul.


The company-wide inVersion Project began the move to trunk development and independent releases, as well as the drive toward 0 test failures, all of which are core tenants of our current testing and release strategy.


We haven't stopped there. Since then we've been building and iterating on a system that has increased and continues to increase flexibility for developers, letting them move faster with ease today and for years to come.


Join us for a talk about the evolution and history of LinkedIn's release strategy. We'll discuss what has and hasn't worked for us as well as the tooling, processes, and overhauls that we've used to scale from a company with 5 services to 600, 30 developers to 1500, and from releasing once every two weeks to anytime for any part of the system.

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