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Tutorial: Creating a High Performance Culture in a Day: An Experiential Workshop (SOLD OUT)

[This tutorial is sold out] If you are lucky, you have been on a “magic team” at least once in your career. Those teams leave a mark on us personally, and do great things for the organizations we work for. But teams and people are so complex that it almost seems that it is by pure chance that you find yourself on one of those teams. They are the right balance of technical expertise, ways of working together (like agile methods), and culture - that invisible thing that we all know is important but don’t know quite how to describe, let alone see and deliberately create. The vast majority of talks and tutorials at QCon will allow you to advance the first two ingredients of high performance - technical excellence and process. In this tutorial you will EXPERIENCE the creation of a team culture that supports this level of performance in a team. After that, we’ll break it down into it’s component parts, and explain the theory behind it so you can deliberately create and modify your team cultures at work. That’s a really high bar! And to do this you will need to come in prepared to explore the human dynamics - the touchy-feely parts - of working together. Throughout the day we will have a team project to deliver. That project will be your vehicle to experiencing the deliberate creation of a team culture in accelerated format. You’ll discover how safety - mental safety - is absolutely necessary for working together. You’ll learn about respect - and how the lack of it can tear a team apart and create an Us vs. Them divide. And you’ll experience the difference a mindset of ownership makes to our work and how to invite people to take ownership with you. You may leave with new insights into how team cultures work and how they magnify and/or destroy our ability to produce results as a team no matter our technical skill or process of choice. Or, you may leave feeling that this was a total waste of time and, if anything, this touchy-feely stuff is a load of bull. Either way, you’ll experience a brand-new way of seeing our relationships and interactions with our teammates and their effects on ability to produce results. High performance teams are rare. This workshop is here to help make them less rare and to give you the experience and information you need to create a culture that gives your team a chance at great results.


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