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Track: China Tech Day (sponsored)


Day of week:

InfoQ China brings top-tier technical talent to QCon from China in the China Tech Day Track. Offering a feast of technology choices, China Tech Day explores case studies and technology choices from Internet Giants like Alibaba, Tencent, and Baidu. Key topics in this track include: lessons with Big Data, architecting for hundreds of PV's, and development of mobile platforms. 

Track Host:
Cui Kang
Chief Editor @InfoQ China
As the InfoQ China Editorial Lead and the content owner of the QCon (and ArchSummit) conferences in China, Cui Kang has devoted himself to the spread of knowledge and innovation in Chinese Information Technology. He graduated from the College of Computer Science in Tianjin University, then worked as a collaboration software platform director and architect before joining InfoQ China. Since 2008, Cui has been deeply involved with facilitating and sharing knowledge in tech. He has authored dozens of articles and translated several books.
10:35am - 11:25am

by Yuan Qi
VP @AntFinancial

At Alibaba, we aim to building a future infrastructure for global commerce. To achieve this goal, we have made significant advance in several key technical areas including (but not limited to) cloud computing, mobile technologies, trading platforms, information security, infrastructure service, search & ads, and data intelligence.

According to SortBechmark in 2015, for example, AliCloud used less than 7 minutes to sort 100TB data (outperforming ApacheSpark’s record, 23.4 minutes)...

11:50am - 12:40pm

by Haochuan Guo
Chief Infrastructure Architect at Eleme

by Gang He
VP of Technology @JD.com

Internet+ transformation & ecosystem - Gang He (25min)

JD is the largest B2C online direct sales company in China and has 118 million annual active customers. The GMV of 2Q 2015 is 114.5 billion RMB. The market value of JD is almost 40 billion USD. JD cloud(Jcloud) is one of the most advanced cloud computing services in China. It started from supporting JD internal IT by leveraging open source community, and JD technical team is also actively involved in open...

1:40pm - 2:30pm

by Chao Han
Chief Technical Architect @Baidumobile

Today, more and more people search on mobile devices. Applications on mobile devices offer different users experiences in search and more features, compaired to searching behavior on a general browser.

This talk introduces the architecture and search technology of Mobile Baidu, which is the most popular mobile search application in China. Mobile Baidu provides high efficiency and multiple function searching; as well as connections between people and services for mass user and the high...

2:55pm - 3:45pm

by Arther Wu
Director of Monetization and Business Operation @CheetahMobile

Mobile advertising has become more mature as mobile applications continue to evolve. Many top-tier internet companies, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo, have rolled out their own SDK with different features, but it is difficult to know which one suits your needs. We think that “ yield optimization” is the key to mobile monetization, which include the right format, scenario design and efficient usage of big data, all of which are are essential. Let’s explore more from the following...

4:10pm - 5:00pm

by Eric Ye
CTO & SVP of Technology @Ctrip

Today, Ctrip mobile app has contributed 72% transactions to its business. It has become de facto the most popular travel App in China. What journey Ctrip has taken to get this result? In this talk, you will learn what problems Ctrip had faced in the past and how it seized the various opportunities of driving up App usage and market penetration. The author emphasizes on the importance of having right App product strategies and quick iteration of upgrading App user experience.


5:25pm - 6:15pm

by Bison Liao
Director of Tencent Social Network Group

At Tencent, we refined our philosophy in Internet Services and Architecture Design and Operations, based on our 16 years of experience. We call this the “philosophy of mass Internet services”. An example of this philosophy is that the frequent upgrade and test-engineers freely co-exist in our backend team.

The philosophy consists of more than ten viewpoints and every viewpoint is a methodology, telling us the why and how. Our presentation, which has excerpts from the philosophy,...


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