Speaker: Brian Wilt

Director, Head of Data Science and Engineering @Jawbone
Brian leads a team at Jawbone engineering personalized health insights and coaching. Their data products automatically detect your workouts and classify them, suggest food you’ve eaten, identify hidden correlations in your data, and motivate you to live healthier. His data stories on the Napa Earthquake’s effect on sleep in the bay area and ranking cities and countries by sleep have been featured on the Today Show, Good Morning America, the Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, and the reddit + hacker news front pages. He earned his PhD studying neuroscience and applied physics at Stanford (go Card), and before that, high-energy physics at CERN and MIT. He sincerely believes that Nedry died because Jurassic Park had a monolith architecture instead of microservices.

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Talk: Dino DNA! Health identity from the wrist @Jawbone

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